Super Pollen & Thunder Fever – What?!!

I had to read this from Ruth at What Allergy today – as a hayfever sufferer, I always have one swollen eye out for stuff on the subject. It seems we’re heading for a perfect storm (clever huh?!) that will create super pollen. Ugh.

Have a read here:

What is Super Pollen and Thunder Fever?

Also, I have been looking at trialling these Woody Nose things – I’ve got some at the ready for the pesky pollen – anyone had a go?

Don’t care how daft I look if I can breathe. Interestingly, I am having cranio-sacral therapy at the moment for some jaw pain and that is meant to be good for hayfever so let’s hope I can avoid getting super-pollened!

Pollen Nasal Filter

  I couldn’t resist showing you this drug-free innovative way of reducing hayefever symptoms! Great for cyclists, gardeners etc, although I’m not sure I would want to wear it to a garden party, if you know what I mean! Prefer some Haymax or I use coconut oil to do the same thing – catch the pollen before it goes up your nose.

Great idea. Check it out: Allergy Best Buys.

I need to do this year’s bit on hayfever prevention and am just waiting for a new Hayfever guide leaflet to come out, but here are some pieces from previous years to help you.

Non-Drug Hayfever Solutions

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Hayfever Tips



If, like many of us in this high pollen season, you are suffering with hayfever – or indeed any other sensitivity reaction regularly, you might want to pop over and see the post I have just written on the TGF blog about antihistamines.

Obviously, I am pointing TrulyGlutenFree readers to grain free versions of the antihistamines where you lucky people can have any, BUT it might shed some useful light on natural alternatives.

Have a look anyway if you think it might help:

Gluten Free AntiHistamines

See also where I have given recommendations previously for you:

Non-Drug Hayfever Solutions

Hayfever Tips

Allergy/Hayfever Prescription




Non Drug #Hayfever Solutions

I am always on the lookout for a solution to the dreaded hayfever, preferably without recourse to drugs.

HayMax Organic Pollen Blocker BalmI do like the Haymax stuff you put around your nostrils. The pollen gets trapped in the waxy material and much less gets up your nose to trigger the histamine reaction we all know and hate.

NasalAir Guard personal air filter

And here’s another one that looks promising: NasalAir Guard Purifiers. These are tiny little filters that fit into your nostrils so pollen and other respiratory-upsetting substances are filtered in much the same way as an ir purifier you sit next to.

Ok, so they may take a little getting used to, but I thought I would pass them on as an idea for when you have hayfever keeping you awake at night, when you’re on a picnic with the kids or perhaps when you’re doing your gardening. Pop ’em in and at least cut down the potential of your usual reaction. I haven’t tried them myself yet so let me know how you get on with them if you do so we can pass that knowledge on.

Window-filta allergen screen

Finally, don’t forget the Window Screens I told you about last year – some of you thought they were fab.

You can get all the products via AllergyBestBuys.

Meantime, for more on hayfever supplement solutions, check my previous posts here and here.

Pollen Window Screens

Window-filta allergen screenI just saw this fab idea -a screen filter you velcro over your window to stop pollen, dust or particles getting in – you can have your window open at night again!

Here’s the blurb for you:

“This removable electrostatic air filter for windows is a Class 1 registered Medical Device designed to permit asthma and hayfever sufferers to sleep with their windows open allowing a free passage of air.Very effective against traffic fumes and mould spores and prevents biting or stinging insects entering the room.

The hotter the night, the higher the pollen count and the greater the need to have cool air filtered through your window. Window-filta fits neatly to your open window and traps pollen, fungal spores, floating seeds, diesel particulates, dust and insects, letting only fresh air in.

Each Window-filta will fit a window up to 120x60cm or can be cut to fit smaller openings. Fits 30cm hinged toplights when cut in half. 

captures and holds 99.9% of airborne particles down to 0.3micron

simple and effective

easy to fit with Velcro dots – full instructions supplied

protection at home or office

inexpensive, lasts all season

Have a look – on special offer too at the moment.