question mark iconIf you have a question… 

Please read the Support page and you’ll probably find your answer or a link to it there.

If you have a test or ebook query, read the Test & Ebook FAQ – we’ve tried to cover everything, and I mean everything; get a cuppa before you scroll through!

You can see all the tests, read our overviews and order here.

You can see all the free and paid-for factsheets, ebooks and plans in one place here.

You can find a local nutritionist or book some support time with one of the team here.

Use the Facebook groups. There are many people who are going through or have been through the very thing you are. To help peer to peer support and sharing, I have set up some closed (and therefore very private!) Facebook groups. I keep them relatively small deliberately and we are now like family! Join the Purehealth Facebook Group or the TrulyGlutenFree one for gluten and grain-sensitive people. They are a fabulous bunch and extremely supportive and knowledgeable. Join and add to it!

Use Live Chat. If I’m at my desk and am not knee-deep in thought about something, it’ll be on. If I’m with someone, out or out of office hours, doing one of your calls etc, leave me a message.

If you’re still stuck after all that lot, contact me at or Live Chat me if I’m on.

Do bear in mind I get a lot of emails and chats so it may take me some time, but I will get back to you, promise!

Also note: I am not taking patients on currently so please don’t ask me to take your case on; it breaks my heart to say no. But, I can steer you in the right direction, advise you on tests, correct remedies, where to start, discuss what you might have missed or just be there as support and someone who ‘gets it’.

Ok, hope that helps – and we look forward to helping you!


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