Healing Series: Cognitive Hypnotherapy Course

5 Week Hypnotherapy Course  I saw today that Yasmina (Low Histamine Chef) has again opened up enrolment for her five week cognitive hypnotherapy course with the hypno who helped her: Hazel Gale.

Very kindly, Yasmina sent me a free copy and allowed me onto the Facebook group so I could do it myself and see if I liked it for all of you peeps.

I did.

BUT…I have some tips for you if you plan to do it too.

Why hypnotherapy?

First, some background: as many of you now know I used several techniques to change my hypersensitivity to foods – and life in the end – and I am now pretty much well with all foods except the grains and dairy going back in now and life is, very happily, returning.

The techniques I used – I counted 43 over 2.5 years! – basically revolved around calming the amygdala down, doing various forms of neuroplasticity brain retraining and hypnotherapy of several kinds.

It worked.

And I am now trying to pull together just how it worked so I can suggest ways forward for you. So far, I have rewritten the start of the new Healing Plan about six times – and the reason is that I have realised the order you do things in is really important and I keep changing my mind because, of course, I didn’t do it in the order I should have as I was making it up as I went along! Now I have the benefit of hindsight.

For example, I went straight into things like limbic retraining a la DNRS and Gupta and had to stop as it made me much worse – at that point. I had to go back and do the amygdala work much more before I could cope with limbic stuff. And then, it was only after the amgydala-calming was a daily established routine and that brain retraining had begun in earnest that I felt able to then start addressing learned behaviours, unhelpful beliefs etc – and that led to an outpouring of trauma, leading me ultimately to being diagnosed (3 times before I listened I was SO sure it was purely physical; I’m a nutritionist, what can I say..?) with PTSD and went through trauma therapy.

It was the hypnotherapy – with the lovely Julie Poole who, of course, is now part of our new virtual clinic team for you – that got me through that bit. I would not have got well without it, or her. Full stop.

Not all hypnotherapy types are the same!

So, when Yasmina sent me her original hypno course, I thought it would be quite similar to the stuff I had already done. It wasn’t. Cognitive hypno feels very different but, I discovered, is just as powerful. Here’s me thinking: ‘I’m through this’ and then I think it was even doing the first week’s written assignments – ostensibly to help you try and establish the core of your, in this case, histamine sensitivity – that I realised I had more to come up and deal with. I had a very strong emotional reaction to something that came straight out of left field and I was poorly with the usual physical reactions to emotional trauma for some days.

I didn’t see that coming. And, neither did quite a few people on the Facebook group. Hazel and Yasmina – and everyone, in fact – were very supportive for people who had emotional releases/trauma/enlightened moments, whatever you want to call it, come up, but it did make me think and reaffirmed my belief that this is powerful stuff, it does indeed work but I think you have to do it with the right kind of support and at the right time when your mind and body is ready to cope with it.

Hazel I think gained quite a few individual consultation patients as a result and was indeed there to offer support! I went to see Julie, of course, who sorted me out. Others did it on their own.

The timing needs to be right

Anyway, I think if I hadn’t have already done a lot of amygdala-calming and been somewhat aware of the emotional triggers/causes of the illness – and learned techniques like WHEE I’ve talked about before to lower emotional and physical reactions to such work – I may have had a tougher time of it. I definitely got the impression that the realisation that there was trauma underlying the sensitivity issue came as a shock to some people and they reeled and tried to cope with the fallout.

Of course that has to happen, but my advice is to be ready for it, have some techniques to hand to help you, have someone you can work with through it if things you don’t expect come up. It’s powerful, it works, but it ain’t easy, I can tell you.

Do it, but do it right for you

So, my advice is going to be: I will be including Yasmina’s course in my smorgasbord of things to do in the Healing Plan because it is well put together, has excellent resources and will help. But, it will be only after doing other things and I will be recommending you work with a practitioner preferably or at least have one ready if you need one. Not everyone will, but I have to say it.

Well done Yasmina and Hazel for putting together such a powerful course with a high level of support, which I’m sure must have knocked them for six let alone the participants! Some people had massive turnarounds, some lowered their sensitivity significantly, others are still working through, but I think probably all got something out of it from what I could see in the Facebook group comments.

Anyway, you can join the new course here if it feels the right time for you, and I look forward to including it in the Healing Plan when I get a chance to finish rewrite the start for the seventh time!




New Purehealth Team Members: Christine and Victoria

As promised, I have been mighty-busy trying to establish a support team for Purehealth now. Having done so, I have absolutely no idea how I did all this on my own!

Many of you already know Christine – aka supplement woman (we are threatening to buy her a cape!) -as she has been helping me now for over 2 months with TGF supplement queries and being my main Facebook group support peep with her vast knowledge!

 Anyway, Christine is photo-shy and tells me she is a keen bird photographer. This is her profile picture of a goldfinch and, of course, we have now nicknamed her Goldie! Anyway, Christine’s role is changing shortly most probably as we are trying to find more efficient ways of answering your supplement queries and pointing you to good and TGF safe ones, so I will come back to Christine in a week or two to update you on that.

So far, she has done a superb job with a bumper TGF Supplements Master List update we will have ready shortly for you.

So, Christine all set, I went in search of another person, mainly to be a sort of ‘Person Friday’ to help me do whatever needs to be done in a busy virtual natural medicine business. I wanted someone au fait with natural medicine, preferably nutrition with psychology and test experience especially and, happily, fell upon Victoria Fenton. Of course, I then set out to charm browbeat her into helping us out.

  Victoria is less photo-shy and here she is, looking very relaxed (obviously before she started working with me..).

In fact, Victoria has taken on two roles for us. She has indeed already become indispensable as my Person Friday as I screech ‘find this test for me, answer this email, send these results, sort out my email system, set me up a shared drive’ and a lot more besides in the two weeks she has been part of Purehealth! I bet it feels like a lifetime already for her.

Victoria will be responsible for day to day admin enquiries – although I will remain the person who helps direct people to next steps, ways forward etc as before. As ‘test facilitator’ person, she will be placing your test orders, dealing with yours and the lab’s questions and sending your results out for me.

This leaves me much more free to think, write resources, research tests, conditions, blog, communicate and do the Support Calls rather than juggle all that – badly – with the day to day admin.

On top of all that, she is also on the referral team as our day to day main Purehealth nutritionist. She is a member of the IFM (Institute of Functional Medicine) and has decided to go full-time in practice to help us out. I will refer you to her if you have questions on following one of the Purehealth plans or protocols, need help explaining your test results a bit more etc. I will still be doing the ‘big picture’ Support Calls whereas Victoria – and some others to come, but mainly V, will be doing your day-to-day support.

I hope that makes some sense. We are making it up really as we go along but you can see the Support options set out here now for when you need us.

support icon

and Victoria’s clinic page on the shop here:

Phew. Some more new people to add on shortly once Victoria and I are all set up. Getting there. Hope it helps:)

Busy-bee Micki x

New Vitamin D Recommendations

New Vitamin D recommendations: the official line. No doubt there will be loads more to come on this but, for now, here is a good factual summary of the new official guidelines. About flamin time too! http://ow.ly/YRZt302x11r

FreeFrom Skincare Winners

FF Skincare Winners. Now I can use stuff on my skin again, I shall be perusing this with great interest! http://ow.ly/W3Uh3027qPx

Listen and Start Changing Your Mind

Brain iconAs you know, I am starting to write our new Healing Plan for chronic illness after I turned around my own hypersensitivity to foods etc using pretty unconventional routes for a nutritionist!

Anyway, one of the keys I found to getting better was using various techniques to change the way my mind was perceiving food, illness, things I became fearful of on a very subconscious, automatic level. The posh scientific term for this is neuroplasticity brain retraining, snappy huh?

I found as I am writing the plan that this crops up time and time again, and one of the best ways I found to do it is not some complex brain retraining programme, but consistently reading, listening to audios and watching videos about relevant subjects to kind of ‘immerse’ myself in healing stuff. It goes in, trust me.

Part of my programme was to read, listen or watch something every single day, even if I did it whilst cooking the tea or putting the washing on. It is REALLY important to constantly give your brain the right messages to help it change. This is not positive thinking; it is so much more than that; it is about weakening the established conditioned responses and neural patterns in our brains and gradually building new ones that will take over.

During  my ‘journey’ (I must find a different word for that, ugh..), I kept my eyes and ears open, literally, for stuff I could ‘do’ as part of this. The 21 day Chopra meditations were key to that and so were well-chosen books and videos, although the summits we seem to have tons of now weren’t even happening when I started 3 years ago. I wish they had been.

Soul of Healing Summit

I have no idea if this will be any good, but I have signed up to listen to the Soul of Healing Summit which starts today – sorry, I only just had chance to look at it properly. You can’t listen to everything, I know, but there seems to be enough in this to give you some really good neuroplasticity work to concentrate on whilst I write the plan for us. Combine it with the free 21 day mediation that also starts today, see here.

I hate the names they give these summits as it can put people off , and you don’t even have to agree with everything the speakers say – but your subconscious is listening to the right kind of words and messages, and that’s the really important bit.

It starts today for free and, as per you can purchase and listen in your own time if you want to. Why not have a go and try and do one per day for the next few days as part of starting to change your brain pathways?

You can find out more here: Soul of Healing Summit. And you can purchase here – it is $59/about £45 currently but that tends to go up as the days go on. This is an affiliate link for me if you do end up purchasing because it helps me offset the time and thousands I have spent on testing all these things for us, so thank you.

Anyway, take advantage of things like this as they come along – it is part of your healing strategy to read, listen and watch as much as you can for the next year or so. These summits can be a real bonus! Get started on building new neural pathways. Off you go…!

Lotus root tea – a new antihistamine for

Lotus root tea – a new antihistamine for you to try. I believe Quercetin is also high in Kaempferol. http://ow.ly/AqnE3022Zzd

ACE Approach to Illness

Brain iconI am gradually pulling together the updated Purehealth approach to chronic illness now I am feeling so much better myself. I am working out what really helped over the past 2.5 years to get me from 20 foods to almost all of them now. (See here if you’ve missed that!).

Anyway, I saw this post today on ACESTooHigh.com which is pretty long but really gives a flavour of what I am trying to evolve as our virtual clinic approach nowadays – a combination of biochemical, physical, psychological, energetic, environmental and spiritual medicine. (Spiritual does not mean religious, by the way, it means meditative, connection etc; I’ve yet to find the right word for this as I know this word is putting people off, it did me :))

I am essentially trying to develop a UK service similar to the functional medicine nurse’s approach talked about here. Have a read; it’s fascinating and very similar to the blueprint I followed and am writing as the Healing Plan for you. First section is complete, Julie is creating and recording a new Stage 1 hypno session for us with phrases and ideas I know really helped me right at the beginning, and I hope to start writing the second stage tomorrow – a whole day writing in the office, yay!

The single best medical appointment of my life was when a nurse practitioner asked about my adverse childhood experiences (ACEs)

I’ve got an up to date ACEs questionnaire to share with you soon when I get a chance.

Update: Just as I had published this, I then saw this little snippet on Yasmina Low Histamine Chef’s site, which also makes my point. She has followed a similar route to mine.

Note, she has kindly sent me her brain workshop to review for us all. I will report back as asap – if it is very similar to mine, it will save me a job writing that part of the plan!

What helped me heal (in order of importance – in my view):

  1. Retraining my brain for healing – check out my recent workshop for more on this.

  2. Eating a diet made up almost entirely of foods containing antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties.

  3. Anti-Inflammatory exercise like yoga, practiced several times a week (read more about histamine and exercise in this post).

  4. Carefully selected (few) supplements.

  5. Doing my utmost to be at peace with whatever I can manage, even if it’s as simple as being able to get out of bed that day. It’s amazing when I stopped attaching importance to accomplishments that I was suddenly able to do more than I had in years.