‘New’ Peanut Desensitisation Treatment in Media

Did you see all the coverage of the new peanut allergy treatment yesterday? Was it just me, or were you all shouting ‘it’s not new’ at the radio too! It has, to my knowledge, been around for at least six or seven years, so no idea what suddenly sparked all the coverage, good though it is for allergy to get some exposure.

Have a look here at the BBC website story:

Peanut allergy treatment ‘a success’


.. and then read Ruth’s very amusing post about it – I have yet to read the Allergy Buster link she gives, but that sounds interesting. I agree with her frustration, though, don’t you?!

(NOT) New peanut desensitisation treatment


5 Replies to “‘New’ Peanut Desensitisation Treatment in Media”

  1. Yes,yes,yes! I was so frustrated also! New? Where have these people been? Even people I know well- mother in law, brother ,friends all letting me know about something’ new’. Goodness, its frustrating! Brilliant as the studies are,SO out of reach for the majority. I’m sure adults will be at the back of the queue,which my son will no doubt be ,by the time there’s any money or availability for it.

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