#Histamine Intolerance: Updated Histamine Tests

Just to let you know that today I have updated the Histamine Intolerance tests by combining both whole blood histamine and level of the DAO enzyme needed to break histamine down into one test. You can still get the whole histamine and DAO tests separately too if you need them.

For anyone who suspects histamine intolerance, it is best to check both blood levels and the DAO enzyme levels. This is because you could have a normal level of blood histamine BUT if your DAO enzyme levels are low, you would get the symptoms of histamine intolerance. People think they need to see high blood histamine on tests and rule out a histamine problem if levels show normal – but that could be misleading if the DAO enzymes are low. The new histamine intolerance test just makes life that bit easier – and cheaper as I have discounted it slightly for you too 🙂

Here’s some info on histamine intolerance from Allergy UK:

What is histamine intolerance?

Put simply this is an imbalance of histamine and the enzyme DAO, Diamine Oxydase (sic) in the body.  For someone with histamine Intolerance,  this deficiency means that they are unable  to break down ingested histamine quickly enough.

The consequence: Ingested histamine is broken down significantly slower and accumulates within the body. The body then reacts to the accumulated histamine with similar symptoms as for allergies, for example, with rashes, itching, headaches, diarrhoea and vomiting or abdominal pain.    It is important to know however that this does not point to an allergy, but to intolerance.

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